Intro to Human Sex Trafficking (GGLC100)

Find out what you know about Human Sex Trafficking. We recommend watching this prior to taking the Guardian Seal Training.
  • Course Navigation
  • Guardian Group and Guardian Seal
  • Beginning Questionnaire
  • Who is Guardian Group
  • What is Sex Trafficking
  • Plans for Future Influence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking Overview Video sample
  • Defining Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking Video
  • Human Trafficking as Slavery
  • The Story in Numbers
  • Sex Trafficking is a Buyers Crime
  • The Commercial Sex Economy (Video)
  • The Commercial Sex Economy
  • Victims
  • Victims (Video)
  • Who are the Victims?
  • Fear, Coping, and Self Reporting (Video)
  • Fear, Coping, and Self Reporting
  • Turning A Blind Eye (Video)
  • Invisibility
  • Months, Years, Lifetime (Video)
  • Recovering Victims
  • Victims & Abuse (Video)
  • Why We Need to Help
  • Sellers, Buyers, and Unwilling Participants
  • Who are the Sellers
  • Trafficker Tactics (Video)
  • The Recruitment Process
  • Deprivation & Abuse (Video)
  • Control Apparatus
  • Control Apparatus by Movement
  • A Buyer's Day
  • Who are the Buyers?
  • Who are the Unwilling Participants?
  • Close
  • Course end Questionnaire
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever